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VOR live at the OUTPUT, 2019.


co-composed and performed with Anju Singh, 2022

A performance shot of Hoover Death, a noise trio, featuring Evan Sabourin at center running on a treadmill wearing a balaclava with a ring of lights on a fixture around his head and a bunch of other lights on the floor shining out toward the audience. AO and Brad Skibinsky kneel on the left and right of Evan in front of noise gear, they are wearing paper bags on their heads. The tones of the picture are black, orange and bright white lights. There is some cryptic illegible text on the wall in bold black font.

Hoover Death, live at ngtvspc, 2013

A shot of AO performing as VOR at the Output in Winnipeg, it's a blue-tinted moody shot with AO in a floral jacket and wavy short blond hair kneeling before and looking intently at a table full of noise gear, there is a mixer stacked ontop of a blue milk crate, and a mess of wires.

VOR,  live at the Output, 2019

Beacons, AO Roberts sound and Doreen Girard visuals. 2016. 

A shot of AO performing at Send + Receive Festival of Sound art. The white walls and hardwood floors are all cast in a wash of pink and white light from the stage lights,  which highly contrasts the black of AO's clothes and all the sound gear.

VOR, live at Send + Receive Festival of Sound Art, 2019

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